JOY Group March Meeting

Linda Hiller shared her mission story in music and narration with the JOY group during their March meeting. This was a most inspirational tribute to her God as she shared ways he had brought her comfort, peace, and protection. Lunch was enjoyed by all.

JOY Group – March Meeting

All Seniors are invited to the monthly JOY Group meeting on Monday, March 11. Linda Hiller will present her mission program with music and narration at 11:00 am. Then a Potluck Lunch will be a Noon. Bring a dish of your choice and enjoy a time of fellowship .

Healing Hearts Group

The Healing Hearts (Widows) Group enjoyed having lunch at the Gallery Tea Room in Newberry, SC, on Friday, March 1, 2019. Five ladies from the community who are also struggling with the loss of a spouse joined them. This group enjoys the fellowship of each other and the chance to share their experiences.

Joy Group – Dempsey’s Pizza

The JOY group enjoyed their trip to Dempsey’s Pizza in Clinton, SC on February 12, 2019. Thanks to Barbara Morris, Sue Hiller, and Jeanne Riggs for making the arrangements and providing Valentine Treat bags.

JOY group – February 12, 2019

The Joy Group will be going to Dempsey’s in Clinton, SC for lunch on February 12. Note that they will leave the church parking lot at 11:00am instead of 1:00pm. in order to be back for the Bible Study. NOTE: All church seniors are members of this group – join us for a time of fellowship as we gather for a delicious pizza buffet.

February 2019 Newsletter

The following pdf can be downloaded by selecting here: February 2019 Newsletter Be sure to subscribe to the Wightman Journal in order to receive Wightman news in your email. Located in the footer menu at the bottom of this page.

Advent at Wightman UMC

Currently, we are in the advent season reflecting on and awaiting for the birth of our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. There has been much preparation that has taken place in order for Wightman to experience this time of advent, which is all presented before God during our Sunday morning worship services. Each week the members of Wightman UMC have worked together to present their gifts to God.  During the first week, the youth reminded us how blessed we…

Baptism & Reaffirmation of Baptism

On July 22, following the 11:15am worship service, we celebrated three baptisms and four reaffirmations of baptisms at Lake Murray. Lawrence Ray, Chris Johnson, and Alita Jolley were baptized and Marie A. Johnson, Connie Johnson, Will Morse and Victoria Shealy reaffirmed their baptism. It is exciting to see how God is working and moving in the lives of the people at Wightman!

Bible Journaling Survey

Recently, during the Lent season, some of the members at Wightman UMC read and journaled their way through the Gospel of John. The following is a quick survey consisting of ten questions. Its purpose is to inform us on the overall Bible journaling experience at Wightman UMC.