What we believe as a church

Wightman United Methodist Church shares its common views with other United Methodist churches across the United States and around the world.  In our worship services, we emphasis Jesus Christ, our relationship with him and our ablity to be forgiven through our Savior.

the mission of Wightman UMC

The mission of Wightman UMC is the common mission of all UM churches.  It is the shared mission of other Christian denominations around the world.  Our mission, simply stated, is that we “Go and make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”  That mission is rooted in Jesus’ statement of the Great Commission.


  1. William Thompson

    Hi, I am a descendant of George Wightman (1632-1722) and his son Rev. Valentine Wightman (1681-1747). Could you tell me who Wightman UMC is named after?

    • Kendell Healy

      Hello, The first actual church to be built and named Wightman Chapel was dedicated in 1885 by Dr. W. D. Kirkland, Presiding Elder. Prior to this, church services were held in any schoolhouse or hall that was available. In regard to the name, there are two legends as to how Wightman Chapel received its name. one is that it was named after one of South Carolina’s bishops, William May Wightman. The other is that Wightman Chapel was named for the Bishop’s youngest daughter, Miss May Wightman.

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