WUMC Worship

WUMC Worship

Hello there!!

Hope you’re doing great and you’re having a fabulous Monday! I have great news…I think I’ve mastered planning center!! If any of you are struggling finding things please let me know. I have the YouTube links on the songs this week also, its so awesome how its all together now!!

Below is our list of praises and prayer requests, you all know my memory isn’t the greatest so if you know of one I missed or have anything new or an update, please contact me via text or call (803)447-6413!

Love and God bless y’all !!

Praises and Requests

Praise God for our awesome team! He has brought us together to serve Him doing what we love!

Praise for each other

Pray for each other

Andy’s wife Rosemary for continued healing and future surgery, currently set for May 20th, This is now!! Pray for recovery process, according to facebook update, it was more complicated than expected, so recovery is expected to take longer than last surgery.

Pastor Brian as he leads us

Kendell- praises for good days, prayers for the tough ones

Chuck Lathrop: prayers for their family, they have a lot going on!

Steve Kemp– healing!!

Andy’s daughter Danielle– future heart surgery

Joann: healing! Had stitches removed and it is not healing like it should, please pray for healing for her foot, she misses church but needs her foot healed to be able to get out.

Becky’s husband Jeff , his new walk with Christ, praises for saving him, but we all know how new life in Christ can sometimes feel hard and confusing. prayers for their family and job situations!

Evelyn’s brother, steer clear of the bottle and strength for her sister and all helping him.

Gregg and Tracy are going to be grandparents!! Praise God for this new baby and prayers for the journey for Elizabeth and Tyler! It’s A BOY!!!

Gregg’s dad

All who are stressed and at times feeling overwhelmed, may God comfort during grief and trials!

Thank Him for it all!! ‘Consider it pure joy”

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