Wightman Worship Band

Wightman Worship Band

Rehearsal: August 16, 6:30-8:30    *We will begin with prayer

Musicians  (Use the Calendar in the CLC to get on the Schedule)

  • Andy S. (Bass – Band leader)
  • Ladison (Lead Guitar)
  • Jay (Drums)
  • David (Vocals + Acoustic Guitar)
  • Viki (Lead Vocals)
  • If anyone wants to contact me (Kendell Healy) – select here
  • Your name must be on the calendar (for both Thurs. rehearsal and Sun. Service in order to be part of the worship service on Sunday morning.
    • Please fill out as many dates on the Calendar as you are able
    • Note to singers: If you are unable to make the Thursday practice and would like to sing during the worship service on Sunday – then you will able to; however, you will be unable to take on any lead parts.

Service Order for August 19

Praise Band Meets for Prayer 11:10
You can download the music at the bottom of this post

Opening Song (Call to Worship): Your Love Never Fails
Welcome & Announcements:
Praise & Worship Songs:   

  1. You Are Good (Sample)
  2. We Believe (listen to this version)
  3. Oceans (Sample)

Pastoral Prayer
Dedication of Tithes and Offerings
Offertory song: TBD by Andy 

Theme Passage: _______________________________
Time of Greeting and Fellowship
Scripture Reading: ____________________________
Sermon Message:      Dr. Brian Rainwater

Closing Response Song:  Either Oceans or Salt & Light (Andy & Viki)

Note:  Please keep your music on the stands at the end of worship service for me to put back into the folders.

View & Download Section

I will have all of these printed out – (the ones that I am able to)  but if you want you can select each and download a copy for yourself.



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