Wightman Worship Band

Wightman Worship Band

Rehearsal: June 21 – 6:30pm


  • Andy S. (Band Leader)
  • Mike B. (?) – don’t know if you are back this week
  • Richard E. (Guitar)
  • Steve Kemp (Guitar)
  • Cole Harper (Guitar)
  • Chuck Lathrop (Drums)
  • Viki Moore – Lead/Harmony Vocals
  • Evelyn Healy – Lead/Harmony Vocals
  • **Vocalists – If you want to sing lead on a song then you must be present at rehearsal on Thursday night — even if you have to come later. The only exception to this rule is if the designated band leader for that particular week gives the ok for you to rehearse on Sunday morning.
  • If anyone wants to contact me (Kendell Healy) – select here

Service Order for June 24, 2018

Praise Band Meets for Prayer 11:10
You can download the music at the bottom of this post

Opening Song (Call to Worship): Great Things (Click here for sample) (Evelyn) **Don’t mimic the sample – but we do want its energy!

Welcome & Announcements
Worship Songs:

  1. TBD by Dr. Mike – if you are here this week
  2. Come Thou Fount Come Thou King (Click here for sample) (Everyone)
  3. Here I am to Worship (Vikki)

Corporate prayer

Offertory song: TBD by Andy S. – if you come with something 🙂  – by way – great job last week!!!!

Theme Passage Reading
Greetings and Fellowship
Scripture Reading:
Sermon Message:

Closing Response Song: Gracefully Broken (Click here for sample) (Vikki & Evelyn)

Any additional notes will appear here

View & Download Section

I will have all of these printed out – (the ones that I am able to)  but if you want you can select each and download a copy for yourself — just let me know if you downloaded your songs by texting me — 317-3084

***Lead Sheets are for the band leader
***Chord Sheets are for everyone else

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