What If We Were Permanently Shipwrecked?

What If We Were Permanently Shipwrecked?

The last week of June was filled with 5 exciting nights of Vacation Bible School. People of all ages gathered at Wight- man to learn the truth that “Jesus rescues.” There was a lot of laughter, fun, singing, worship, learning and renewed com- mitment to follow Jesus. Vacation Bible School was a great week.

I have often wondered why every week at church can’t
be like Vacation Bible School. I don’t mean we should have
activities every night, but VBS seems to bring out the best in
us as a church and as individuals. We focus more on Jesus, we dedicate our time and ener- gies to ministry, we decorate the church to create an atmosphere of anticipation, we wel- come new people who come in our doors with arms open wide. While every week can’t be VBS, perhaps our attitude towards every week can!

What if every time we approached our church building we came with the same antici- pation we have for VBS? It would radically change our worship, our Sunday School, our small groups, and even our administrative council meetings!

Bishop Robert Schnase wrote a book about healthy congregations. In the chapter on “Radical Hospitality” he alludes to the question, “What if all the ministries of the church carried out their duties with the same excitement and passion seen at VBS?” He goes on to write, “If each ministry changes one element of its task to reflect the Radical Hospitality of Christ, there’s no end to what God could accomplish.”

In June our whole church came together to experience being “Shipwrecked” at VBS. Imagine what God can do through us if we continue our ministries with that same purpose and passion throughout the year.

Pastor Brian