We are Standing On Holy Ground

We are Standing On Holy Ground

I write this article having just returned from Israel. I am drawn to the Holy Land because of the Biblical stories of telling how God encountered His people in that place. Numerous times as we stood in places where our Savior walked we mentioned, “We are standing on holy ground.”

In the second book of Kings, chapter 5, we read about a man named Naaman who was healed of his leprosy by the ministry of the prophet Elisha. After washing himself in the Jordan River and being declared “clean,” Naaman understood, “there is no God in all the world except in Israel.” As Naaman left the area, he made a strange request. He asked to carry some dirt from the area back to his homeland of Syria. Naaman believed that by taking some of the soil of Israel, he could take Israel’s God with him. We of course know that God is not bound to one particular place or pile of dirt. He is Lord of the universe and His presence is felt everywhere. Therefore, it makes sense that all ground has the possibility to be “holy ground,” if it is used for His purposes.

Last November we dedicated the Langford Street property to be used as Holy Ground. As we prepare for upcoming ministries to take place over there, we decided it was time to give the property a new name. We wanted to honor our past, remember our present and of course look forward to the future. The Administrative Council officially recognized the property with the name The Mary and Susie Langford Property. Mary and Susie were two sisters who used to live in a house on the property and their family donated the land which our current church building stands upon. To remember our present, we named the athletic field on the property, The Mike Mills Field. Mike has put in countless hours and energy in making the property ready for ministry. Mike would be the first to mention that there were a lot of others who helped make the project a success, but we felt naming the field after him was an appropriate honor.

Now it is time to look toward the future. There is almost no limit to how the Mary and Susie Langford property can be used to reach our community. From children’s sports pro- grams to special services to outreach events, the time is now for us to step up and use this valuable resource God has given us. My prayer is that as we see the lives that God trans- forms through the use of this property we can say, “This is Holy Ground.”

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