Two Announcements. . .

Two Announcements. . .

Announcement 1

There will be a prayer & healing service this upcoming Sunday — January 31st @ 6pm in the sanctuary. Last year, due to COVID-19, Wightman was only able to hold a small number of prayer services. Pastor Ben has scheduled several prayer & healing services for 2021 and beginning January 31st, Wightman will be holding prayer & healing service on the fifth Sunday of those months with five Sundays. Let us gather together and be a prayer-driven Church!

Announcement 2

During the upcoming season of Lent, Rev. Kendell Healy will be teaching a course on what it means to be a Methodist. Beginning February 23th @ 6:30pm, the course will cover significant topics that will explain how John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, understood things such as God’s creation, predestination and free-will, the fall, sin & salvation and what it means to be a Methodist living in the world today. The classes will be held every Tuesday @ 6:30pm beginning on February 23rd and end on March 23rd. Please contact Rev. Healy with any questions you may have.

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