Feed Me Mentality

Feed Me Mentality

Psalm 119:97-104

Sermon begins at: 34:25


God _____provides_______, and the people _____gather______.

The Bible:

God ____provides_________, and we ___pick___ and __choose____.

[People] struggle with the Biblical material “because they have been trained to be Bible Quoters, not Bible readers.”- David Nienhuis

Benefits of Knowing God’s Word:

  1. Wisdom______, Insight________ and Understanding_____________.
  2. Keeps us from ___Evil____.
  3. Pleasing to ___Digest_____.

How do we go from ____perplexing_____ to ___pleasing_____?

  1. Value________ God’s Word.
  2. Gather_________ daily.
  3. Incorporate________________ into your life.

“If the Bible is God’s Word, and it is, we must raise up people who don’t merely believe the Bible but also who know what it says.” – Russel Moore


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