Restoration: Turning the Old into New

Restoration: Turning the Old into New

Often on the internet I read about classic cars being “found.” Recently at Shelby Mustang prototype was found deteriorating in a field in Texas. There were only two prototypes made and the other one, which has been completely restored is now valued at over one million dollars. The one they recently found needs a lot of work. The front panels are missing, the interior will need to be redone and there’s no telling how much work it will take to get the engine running. But the car has value and those in charge of the restoration process hope to bring the car back to its original glory. Restoration is an exciting thing to witness.

Wightman is in the process of restoration too. Recently the youth building (the Lighthouse) was renovated thanks to the generosity and hard work of many people. I got to be inside on August 26, when the youth group entered the newly upgraded facility. The joy and excitement on their faces made all the hard work and waiting worth- while.

Our Administrative Council voted to take on another restoration project—the Langford Street property. This property was purchased 4 years ago for future ministries and has been used only for parking. Recently the house on the property was removed and we are beginning the process of cleaning up the property and getting part of the property leveled off to accommodate sports ministries. I have no doubt this field will be used for other activities as well. Like the Lighthouse, there is some hard work ahead of us, but the effort and time spent will be worthwhile when we see Wightman families and “not yet” Wightman families enjoying the property.

Restoration is an exciting thing to witness, but the excitement of these projects pales in comparison to the real purpose of our church, which is the restoration of people. Buildings and fields provide fun and opportunities, but unless we utilize them for ministry—unless we use them to enable God to change lives—then all we’ve done is brush on paint and move some dirt. We thank God for the incredible resources He has given us. We thank Him for a newly renovated youth building and a soon-to-be recreation field. Now let us be about our Father’s business of introducing people to Jesus, so He can bring them new life!

Pastor Brian