Presenting the Gospel Story in a Clear Way

Presenting the Gospel Story in a Clear Way

With the coming of December, many people’s thoughts are focused on Christmas. The town of Prosperity has already started decorating, the stores have set out specialty items, parties will be aplenty and “goodwill” towards our brothers and sisters reaches a yearly high. Of course the church is no different. Without Christmas, the coming of God’s Son to earth, our worship of God and our relationship with Him would be quite different.

I picked up a book this past week about the first Christmas. In the preface, the author wrote something about Christmas that I guess I always knew, but had never really thought about: “No
other religious holiday is so widely commemorated by people who are outside of the tradition that it originated in.” Let that sink in. Many people celebrate Christmas even though they aren’t followers of Jesus.

One can look at that statement and be disappointed, or one can look at that statement and see great opportunity. These non-believers who celebrate Christmas are certainly not opposed to the gospel; they maybe just haven’t understood it or maybe just never gave it much thought. They are certainly likely to believe, if only the story is presented in the right way.

At Wightman we are committed this December to presenting the gospel story in a clear way. We will begin during worship on December 2, with the story of Mary and Elizabeth and conclude on Christmas Eve with a look at the real reason Jesus came to earth. Each week will be filled with special presentations and sometimes special music. We hope you will join us and that you will invite your friends. When we gather together and hear the timeless story, it is amazing how the newborn Savior begins to transform our lives.

Wishing each of you a very merry Christmas,