Prayer & Healing Service 01-31-2021

Prayer & Healing Service 01-31-2021

All Christians are called to engage in a life of prayer. In a culture that elevates the individual — there is a strong preference for private prayer, which is Scriptural. There are many instances where Jesus sought solitude in order to be alone with His Heavenly Father (Luke 5:16), and we should mirror that in our own lives. However, Christians are also called to gather together and pray. This is what is known as corporate prayer, and it can be done in small groups of two or more – or – in larger gatherings. On 01-31-2021 @ 6 pm Wightman UMC held it’s first Prayer & Healing Service. It was the first of four 5th Sunday Prayer & Healing Services of 2021. We want to encourage all of you to commit to attending the remaining Prayer & Healing Services listed below, because as E.M. Bounds has reminded us, “We can do nothing without prayer. All things can be done by importunate [persistent] prayer. It surmounts or removes all obstacles, overcomes every resisting force and gains its ends in the face of invincible hindrances.”

May 30th @ 5pm in the sanctuary
August 29th @ 5pm in the sanctuary
October 31st @ 5pm in the sanctuary

~ Rev. Ben Barnett
~ Rev. Kendell Healy


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