Need Volunteers for 09-23-18

Need Volunteers for 09-23-18

Hello church family,

 The evangelism team is needing volunteers to bake chocolate cookies for the upcoming worship service on September 23rd. There can be a variety of the type of cookie you would like to bake but it should include chocolate (for the sermon series about chocolate Sunday’s). You can bake here at the church in the morning or at home the evening before to ensure freshnessJ. However, I do encourage baking at the church for several reasons: fellowship, activity and the aroma of fresh baked cookies can fill the air. If you would like to participate, please sign up on this sheet. We will place about 2 cookies per small brown paper bag to hand out and we are estimating that we will have 300 or more to serve that Sunday…we would like to have enough cookies to go around. It is better to have left overs than not enough. This would be a total of perhaps 600 to 800 cookies. If you can Please try to bake cookies that are large enough to fit into the bags, which are 5 x 7 1/2 inches each.

Current Volunteers:

Pat A., Jackie B., Cassie R., Christy B., Jared J.

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