It’s football season and if you watch a football game you will definitely hear the announcers talk about which team has the momentum. “Momentum” is a physics concept, when an object has momentum it continues to move in the same direction and the more momentum and more mass behind the object, the harder it is to stop. Think of a locomotive. Something that large is hard to stop even when it appears to be moving slowly. And when it picks up steam—don’t stand in the way!

This past month we completed the renovation of our youth Pastorbuilding, the Lighthouse. We have already seen momentum as the attendance at our youth meetings has increased. The exciting news is that some of those new “guests” are not regular attenders at Wightman. What has happened? The excitement our youth have for their church has encouraged them to invite their friends.

This same principle of invitation can produce momentum in the rest of the church as well. During our September 23 traditional worship service, Linda Hiller sang a song that encouraged each of us to reach out to someone else. That’s the most effective model for sharing Christ with others. My hope is that we will use the example our youth have set for us and become more of an invitational church. Once we get the ball rolling, the momentum can carry us forward into the future.

Pastor Brian

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