Going Deep

Going Deep

In the fifth chapter of Luke Jesus tells the disciples to “put out in deep water.” The disciples are tired, they have fished all day and not caught anything. They really don’t want to spend the effort and energy only to come up empty once again. Yet, because Jesus asks them to, they obey and they experience a catch so miraculous it almost sinks their boats. Simon Peter’s response is to fall at the feet of Jesus. He realizes Jesus’ divinity and his own sinfulness. Yet despite all Peter’s faults, Jesus calls him to a new life mission—“from now on you will catch men.”

This passage can teach us a lot about what a difference it makes when we answer Jesus’ call to “go deep.” When we fall at the feet of Jesus and determine to go deeper in our Bible Study, in our prayer life, in our service and in our witness it calls us to a new life’s mission. We not only become more effective as followers of Jesus, we find a renewed joy in the journey.

As we begin the year 2019 at Wightman, I challenge us as individuals and as a church to “go deep.” To take a “leap of faith,” to walk an “extra mile,” to be radical in our hospitality and generosity and trust in God in new ways and new areas of our lives. Our first sermon series (beginning January 13) will be on the book of Philippians and titled “Choose Joy.” As the title indicates, joy is a choice we make every day in our lives. Joy comes from following Jesus and going deep in our relationship with Him and in our relationships with other believers.

I wish you a happy new year and pray that by the end of 2019 we will find ourselves going deeper in our relationship with God and with each other.

Pastor Brian Rainwater