God-Sightings and Vacation Bible School

God-Sightings and Vacation Bible School

Cassie and I get excited when Vacation Bible School rolls around. Yes, it is a busy week and it’s not just the hours put in the week of VBS, it’s the hours, days, and weeks prior to VBS that can wear you out. But when you see what happens in the lives of the children and the life of our church it makes it all worthwhile.

This year’s theme is “Shipwrecked,” and each day will focus on how Jesus rescues us from situations we face every day. Often we don’t think of God showing up in our everyday lives—only during special occasions or time of need or crisis. But if we keep our eyes open, we see God working in small, sometimes subtle, ways that make a big impact. My wife spoke recently at our monthly United Methodist Men’s meeting and shared what she called a “God-sighting.” A person in our congregation has used their vacation time from work to come and volunteer at VBS.

This may not seem like a big deal, but giving up a week of “your time” to serve others in ministry is huge! I don’t know where the person will serve, but it’s not about where, it’s about who! They will be serving as an ambassador of Jesus Christ. They will be working alongside other believers who are reaching out to our community. They are a part of a program that will literally rescue people from difficulties in life and intro- duce some people to Jesus Christ for the very first time. This God-sighting is a big deal!

We are looking for more “God-sightings” over the next few weeks. We still need about 30 people to step up and be crew guides. It would be a shame to have to limit the number of participants because we don’t have enough volunteers. If we are going to make VBS all that it can be this year, we are going to need more of these “God- sightings.” Instead of just looking for one, are you willing to be a part of one?

Pastor Brian