From the Pastor

From the Pastor

Like most churches, Wightman had a great celebration of Easter. We did some things we have traditionally done, like the egg hunt. We did some new things, like Journey to the Holy Land. We also did some traditional things in new places, like sunrise service on the Langford Street property. It was great to see so many people coming together to make these things happen.

During one event I overheard a person thank someone for their leadership, the one receiving the complement replied, “It wasn’t me, it was a lot of people” and then the person began to list the names of all who were involved. That’s not just good leadership, that’s church!

We are all called to contribute out of our unique gifts and passion to make every activity, every program, and every gathering point to our Lord Jesus Christ. While Easter is over until next year, the mission and ministry of Wightman continues. I read a post from a writer named Zack Hunt who reminds us, “We must live like the tomb really is empty. We must live like Jesus really is alive. And we must live like the world is really being made new. Otherwise Easter Sunday is just an excuse to get dressed up and buy lots of candy.”

We have a lot of great ministry events coming up in the next few months—mission trips, a workday to revive a church building for Crossroads ministry, the South Carolina Annu- al Conference, a pilgrimage to Israel, and Vacation Bible School. Not everyone will be participating in every event, but think of how wonderful it would be if we were able to say, “It wasn’t me, it was a lot of people.” Wouldn’t it be great if we had so many peo- ple help with Crossroads we had to take turns using a sander or paint brush? Wouldn’t it be great if our mission teams had volunteers to help them prepare and drive them to and from the airport? Wouldn’t it be great if we had so many volunteers for VBS that every crew had at least three adults to provide much craved attention to the children?

My prayer is that so many people will participate in ministry over the next few months that we will not be able to list them. My prayer is that when people ask “Who did this?” we will be able to say, “It was a lot of people.” My prayer is that when people think of people engaged in ministry they will say, “That’s church!”

Pastor Brian