Fourth Quarter

Fourth Quarter

With the coming of the Fall season many people turn their attention to . . . . Football! South Carolina is a football-crazy state as evidenced by the passion the fans show for their favorite team. As I watch games on television, I sometimes see players huddling together at the end of the 3rd Quarter and they are all jumping up and down and holding up four fingers.

This practice originated in the 1950’s with coach Bear Bryant at Alabama (my apologies to Clemson fans for that reference). The four fingers represent an attitude that the “fourth quarter” belongs to us, nobody will outplay us with the game on the line! The first time I ever saw a team do this is when my high school played one of the best teams in the state. Sure enough, the fourth quarter belonged to them, as did the first three for that matter, as I think the score was about 35-0.

With the beginning of October, we are entering the fourth quarter of 2019 here at Wightman. Like a good football team, we have put ourselves in a wonderful position to finish out the fourth quarter. We have accomplished a lot. The renovation of our Youth Building has brought growth to the program. We had one of the best Vacation Bible School’s in our church’s history this summer. Our choir and praise band continue to provide excellent music and we are seeing new faces in each group. Our church has shown increased generosity in maintaining our budget and reaching out in mission to Crossroads UMC in Saluda and Tia Ana’s house in El Salvador.

We have had a great three quarters this year at Wightman, but any football coach will tell you, it’s the fourth quarter that determines the game. Thank you, Wightman, for your faithfulness and service in 2019. I hope we will all hold up four fingers and proclaim “No one will out play us the next three months, for the fourth quarter belongs to the Lord!”

~Pastor Brian