Pastor Kendell

Pastor Kendell

Weekly Devotion

Join in and listen as Rev Kendell discusses how the Holy Spirit empowers us, but “Empowers us for what?”

Be Nourished!

How are you being nourished? Listen as Pastor Kendell shares with us just how we can be nourished and replinished!

Not My Will But Yours Be Done

Weekly devotional (Holy Week) with Rev. Kendell Linh Healy – Sourced from Luke 22:42 – Not my will, but yours be done. We are to bear the weight of our crosses (and some have paid the ultimate price while bearing the weight of their crosses) – But Jesus was crucified on His cross so that we could have forgiveness of sins and reconciliation back to God!

Worship Schedule for Holy Week & Easter Sunday

The Following video contains the Worship Schedule for Holy Week & Easter Sunday. Maundy Thursday Worship Service 7pm in the SanctuaryGood Friday Worship Service 12pm @ the Walking Track Easter Sunday:Sunrise Worship Service: 7am (Followed by Breakfast in the CLC)Traditional Worship Service: 9am (we will be celebrating Holy Communion)Modern Worship Service: 11:15am (we will be celebrating Holy Communion)

For the Mouth Speaks What the Heart is Full of

This week’s devotional is from Matthew 12:34 – For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. As we go about this week – let us be mindful of the words that we speak. This passage informs us that our words are an expression of our hearts.

Prayer & Healing Service 01-31-2021

All Christians are called to engage in a life of prayer. In a culture that elevates the individual — there is a strong preference for private prayer, which is Scriptural. There are many instances where Jesus sought solitude in order to be alone with His Heavenly Father (Luke 5:16), and we should mirror that in our own lives. However, Christians are also called to gather together and pray. This is what is known as corporate prayer, and it can be…