From the Pastor

From the Pastor


It’s football season and if you watch a football game you will definitely hear the announcers talk about which team has the momentum. “Momentum” is a physics concept, when an object has momentum it continues to move in the same direction and the more momentum and more mass behind the object, the harder it is to stop. Think of a locomotive. Something that large is hard to stop even when it appears to be moving slowly. And when it picks…

Restoration: Turning the Old into New

Often on the internet I read about classic cars being “found.” Recently at Shelby Mustang prototype was found deteriorating in a field in Texas. There were only two prototypes made and the other one, which has been completely restored is now valued at over one million dollars. The one they recently found needs a lot of work. The front panels are missing, the interior will need to be redone and there’s no telling how much work it will take to…

To the Ends of the Earth

I recently visited the Holy Land and stood on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea at a place called Caesarea Maritima. As I looked out over the waves coming in, the sea looked endless.

What If We Were Permanently Shipwrecked?

The last week of June was filled with 5 exciting nights of Vacation Bible School. People of all ages gathered at Wight- man to learn the truth that “Jesus rescues.” There was a lot of laughter, fun, singing, worship, learning and renewed com- mitment to follow Jesus. Vacation Bible School was a great week. I have often wondered why every week at church can’t be like Vacation Bible School. I don’t mean we should have activities every night, but VBS…

Baptism by Immersion

For anyone who has been wanting to be baptized by immersion, Wightman will hold a service at the lake on July 22 following our second worship service. There will also be a service of reaffirmation of baptism for those who are interested. All are invited to attend. Please contact Pastor Brian if you want to participate in the service.

The Blind Side of Generosity

The 2009 movie The Blind Side seems to be on television quite a bit. It is based on the true story of professional football player, Michael Oher, who was raised in a broken home before being welcomed into the home of Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy. It is an up- lifting story to see how an “at-risk” young man comes into a loving, caring environment which allows him to flourish as an athlete, as a student and more importantly as…