Bible Journaling Begins

Bible Journaling Begins

Our Bible Journaling plan begins tomorrow, February 14th.   There have been request for journals from other pastors and churches and we have sent out journals to seven different states.  The reading plan for John is posted on our website.  Over 100 people at Wightman have journals in their hands.  Transformation, however, is not measured by how many journals are sold, but will be dependent upon how many journals are utilized. 

If you need a journal we still have about 80 left at the church.  If you are looking for a small group to join, please contact us, we have several that are starting to form.

Thanks to everyone who is making this journaling plan a success.  I’m looking forward to the journey.

Pastor Brian

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    Kendell Linh Healy

    Already, there have been quite a few members who have started journaling on the Gospel of John. This is so encouraging to hear because as you have stated on several occasions – this is a transformative process! I am personally looking forward to this as we all move forward as one body unified in Christ.

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