Advent at Wightman UMC

Advent at Wightman UMC

Currently, we are in the advent season reflecting on and awaiting for the birth of our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. There has been much preparation that has taken place in order for Wightman to experience this time of advent, which is all presented before God during our Sunday morning worship services. Each week the members of Wightman UMC have worked together to present their gifts to God. 

During the first week, the youth reminded us how blessed we are to be part of a family united together in Jesus Christ. That morning’s message emphasized the relationship between the virgin Mary and Elizabeth – the mother of John the Baptist. The message concluded with an original song, which was performed by Anna Wicker, who sung the part of Mary and Viki Moore who played the role of Elizabeth. If you would like to hear the song – you can do so here: 

What The Lord Has Done For You
Words and Music by: Brian Rainwater, Kendell Linh Healy, & Evelyn Grace Healy. 
Vocalist on track: Evelyn Healy

On December 9th, the Wightman, Grace & Ebenezer Choirs came together and presented their Christmas Cantata before our great God. The choir consisted of all ages and their voices filled the sanctuary with the sound of praise and worship. It was such a blessing to see Eddie Rivers conducting the voices that were being heard by the heavenly hosts! – Praise by to God!

Last week, the children presented their heartfelt gifts before God and their sweet sound filled the Wightman sanctuary. They are a true testament that all people have something to offer God. This is because all people were made in His image and most importantly – we were made for the sole purpose of expressing our love to God in the form of worship as well as expressing our love for God by loving each other. 

This upcoming Sunday (Dec. 23rd), there will be another gift presented to God and then on the following day – Wightman will celebrate the gift that God has given to us – His Son – Jesus Christ. The Christmas Eve services will be at 4:00pm and 6:00pm. Both services will conclude with communion and the lighting of the candles – which represent Christ being the light of the world. Please join us in this wonderful celebration.  

Pastor Brian