Posts from February 2019

Posts from February 2019

Joy Group – Dempsey’s Pizza

The JOY group enjoyed their trip to Dempsey’s Pizza in Clinton, SC on February 12, 2019. Thanks to Barbara Morris, Sue Hiller, and Jeanne Riggs for making the arrangements and providing Valentine Treat bags.

Lenten Study – The Gospel of John

Christina Walker works for the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism. A couple of years ago she took part in a research project studying effective outreach of churches. The findings: The first and most important activity of effectively evangelistic churches is to offer a welcoming, inclusive environment most importantly on a Sunday morning. When I was coaching churches who had taken the Natural Church Development survey, not one church thought they were “unwelcoming” even though the survey, which they filled out, indicated…

JOY group – February 12, 2019

The Joy Group will be going to Dempsey’s in Clinton, SC for lunch on February 12. Note that they will leave the church parking lot at 11:00am instead of 1:00pm. in order to be back for the Bible Study. NOTE: All church seniors are members of this group – join us for a time of fellowship as we gather for a delicious pizza buffet.