Posts from August 2018

Posts from August 2018

September 2018 Newsletter

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Restoration: Turning the Old into New

Often on the internet I read about classic cars being “found.” Recently at Shelby Mustang prototype was found deteriorating in a field in Texas. There were only two prototypes made and the other one, which has been completely restored is now valued at over one million dollars. The one they recently found needs a lot of work. The front panels are missing, the interior will need to be redone and there’s no telling how much work it will take to…

Baptism & Reaffirmation of Baptism

On July 22, following the 11:15am worship service, we celebrated three baptisms and four reaffirmations of baptisms at Lake Murray. Lawrence Ray, Chris Johnson, and Alita Jolley were baptized and Marie A. Johnson, Connie Johnson, Will Morse and Victoria Shealy reaffirmed their baptism. It is exciting to see how God is working and moving in the lives of the people at Wightman!

To the Ends of the Earth

I recently visited the Holy Land and stood on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea at a place called Caesarea Maritima. As I looked out over the waves coming in, the sea looked endless.