20/20 Vision

20/20 Vision

With January we start the year 2020. I would expect that many companies and even churches will capitalize on the concept of having “perfect” (20/20) vision for the upcoming year. Wightman is going to join that crowd as our goal for the upcoming year will be to have a “clearer” focus on God’s calling in our lives. It is important to note, however, that 20/20 vision does not mean “perfect” vision. It simply means you are able to see what most people see on an eye chart from a distance of 20 feet.

As we look to clarify our vision, I am reminded of one of my professors, Dale Galloway. Dale defined vision as the ability to see those things which have not yet become reality. In other words, a Godly vision is seeing things not as they are, but as they should be.

When I was younger, I had better than average vision and would often exasperate my grandfather (an eye doctor) by reading a line or two on the eyechart below the one he asked me to read. But eventually my eyesight began to fade and at age 31 I needed my first pair of corrective eye-glasses.

Our spiritual vision can fade too. The remedy is not to do nothing, but take steps for correction. This year at Wightman we have a lot of ideas planned to help us as a faith community to realize what God wants for us. In this issue of the newsletter you will read about opportunities to study God’s word, to share a potluck dinner together with the whole church, and to gather in a smaller setting and get to know one another better. To quote Dale Galloway, “There is nothing like an all-consuming vision to give our lives the meaning and purpose we long for.” My hope is that you will join us at Wightman this year as we seek a clearer vision of God in our lives.

Pastor Brian Rainwater